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Common Texture Product Care

We’d like you to use our products for the longest time possible. Please read our Product Care instructions.


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Linen - Please wash as per Care Label instructions. We like to dry our Linen in the shade which keeps the fibers soft. Flax linen does have a tendency to crease, linen fans embrace that texture. If you feel inclined you can also iron as per care label instructions. We have put all our linen through an enzyme wash which gives that lovely soft feel to our products. If desired you can tumble dry low which will add to the softness.

Banana Fiber - To clean your Banana Fiber products you can use a damp cloth and then dry in the sun. To regain shape after storing or packaging spray with a water mister and use damp newspaper to form the correct shape and dry in the sun. Should any mildew develop on your banana fiber due to a humid climate, use a damp cloth to remove and dry in sun. Color variations may differ from bag to bag, this is due to different batches of rope and will give your bag a unique look. Please note that over time the color of the banana fiber might change slightly. This is not a fault but rather a characteristic of this natural fiber.

Cotton - All our cotton products such as yoga mat bags are stitched after washing to avoid any shrinkage. You can wash as cotton and dry in the shade to protect the colors. We suggest washing printed cotton items at 30C to keep the print vibrant. A hot wash occasionally is perfectly fine.

Wood - Our wooden earrings should be kept dry and away from water. We have treated them in a wood conditioning oil to keep them as repellent as possible. We have kept our earrings as light and comfortable as possible. For a longer life, please protect them when in transit. They are very light and therefore easy to forget, remember to remove before swimming and bathing.

Leather - How to clean your veg dyed leather products, we recommend cleaning with a damp cloth with no soaps or chemicals. The natural oils from your skin are enough to keep your leather looking supple and soft. You can use a damp cloth once a month to keep your items maintained. Dry completely before storing. Commercial leather conditioners can be used but not necessary.

Suede - To clean our suede products Common Texture recommends you use a suede brush, which is usually a soft wire brush. Lightly brush over the product to remove any soiling. Do not use water to clean suede products. Commercial suede protectors can be used as a preventative to repel water or spills.