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style notes

Color Range
We offer seven color rich shades to choose from:

- This is the darkest color in our range it has a rich grey intensity, team it with muscat red for a sumptuous mood.
Dried Lavender - This color is bright and airy with just a hint of dusty mauve, teams well with any of our grey or sand shades.
Monsoon - Is the warm middle grey of our range, it's broody like rain clouds. Teams well with all our shades giving you ample choice to mix and match.
Muscat - A resplendent red wine color blends well with dried lavender, make your room look lavishly appointed by adding some charcoal in the mix.
Sand - Fresh and classic this creamy ecru will brighten your room for an Indian summer mood.
Stone - Is the lightest grey, cool, clean and crisp. Team with a dark grey for a masculine look or with dried lavender for a feminine feel.
Turmeric - This earthy mustard yellow ocher shade makes a statement by adding charcoal or can be salubrious and nurturing teamed with our sand.
Block Print Design
When creating our print designs we like to choose calm soothing images, subtle graphics and muted tones. Drawing inspiration from the traditional and giving them a modern tweak. It has been amazing to watch our wood carver create these exclusively designed patterns by hand, with his tools from a block of wood. Seeing them come to life for the first time by the master printer's hand is our favorite part. We hope you enjoy our creativity and make it your own by mix and matching your favorites.
Circle - a calming circular pattern. Featured in our Block Printed Woven Towel Sorbet and Midnight Geometry Cushion Collection.
Cypress - a graphic silhouette based on the tall majestic cypress tree. Featured in our linen pillow case collection.
Kantha - a printed image inspired by the traditional Indian Kantha stitch, gives linen a textured look. Featured in our Pure Linen Kantha Robe.