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Up Close And Personal With Pure Linen

Common Texture


My favorite Common Texture product is our linen duvet cover, I have had so much fun mixing and matching all the color rich shades together. If you have trouble deciding on a color I recommend trying the reversible duvet cover, this gives you more options and half way through the season you can add a different set of the hand block printed pillowcases to give it a lift.

One of the things I love about our linen is the three dimensional feel of linen on the skin, like it is floating slightly above your body. Flax fibers are different to that of cotton. They have a hollow core acting as a thermal conductor which regulates your temperature as you sleep. This is what makes you cool in summer, but in fact pure linen is the perfect natural fiber for winter warmth as well.

Having just finished our summer in Australia I'll share a tip with you. I used my pure linen duvet cover as a sheet for most of the season. Sleeping under two layers of linen was perfect for the warmest of nights and the occasional cool ones too. I was surprised to discover this versatile product perfect for all seasons. I look forward to the weight of the linen around my down duvet for the winter months I have coming. If you would like more help choosing a color please refer to our style notes in the production description pages.

Have a fantastic season in both North or South!

- Gail