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Ode to linen

Common Texture

We have been obsessed with pure linen bedding since the first time we slept in it. What a difference! We all know that pure linen looks great and just feels fantastic on the skin due to the natural soft and wrinkly texture. But besides linen being ever so stylish, did you know that linen has many additional benefits too?

Linen flax has many health benefits, it's hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and linen absorbs more moisture than cotton allowing your bedding to stay fresh. To assist you with a perfect nights sleep, this breathable fabric will keep you cool in summer and cozy and warm in winter. Linen bedding is suitable all year round.

The use of linen fabric dates back to Ancient Egypt and has been considered a luxury fabric ever since. Linen fabric is made from the fibers of the flax plant Linum usitatissimum. The long fibers of the plant get combed and spun into yarn from which the natural fabric can be woven. Flax plants need more looking after and are more labor intensive than cotton; the weaving process is more difficult making manufacturing more costly. The higher manufacturing cost is reflected in the price, however pure linen is that much stronger and durable than cotton, your bedding will last for generations to come. Best of all, linen becomes even softer and smoother with each wash.

A stylish, healthy and environmentally conscious choice.

One of the oldest fiber plants in the world, flax is grown in cooler and humid climates.

One of the oldest fiber plants in the world, flax is grown in cooler and humid climates.