Common Texture handcrafted woven banana fiber clutch bag and rattan bangle bracelet set.
hand woven set | clutch + bangles
hand woven set | clutch + bangles
hand woven set | clutch + bangles
hand woven set | clutch + bangles

hand woven set | clutch + bangles

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Complete your summer look with these two striking hand woven accessories. The banana fiber clutch pairs perfectly with a set of 3 Malay bangles, their natural colors blend in effortlessly with any outfit. Handcrafted with natural fibers both items are incredibly durable yet lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

The banana fiber clutch has been hand woven by a small women weaver cooperative in rural South India, the Malay bangles are made by traditional crafts people in Malaysia.

Details clutch:
Material: banana fiber and cotton lining Night
Size: 22 cm W, 14 cm H / 8.7" W, 5.5" H

Details bangle set:
3 bangles weave and plaited | light
Material: sustainably sourced rattan
Diameter: 7.5cm / 2.95" , flexible to 8.5cm / 3.35"

Good to know

Our clutch has been woven with hand rolled natural banana fiber rope and each one takes one full day of hand weaving to complete. By choosing this bag you are supporting a cooperative of women weavers in rural South India. Your purchase will benefit the local women artisans and their livelihood. The cooperative is entirely sustained by the sales of their products. Read more about our crafts.
Read more about the weavers and handicraft of Sarawak, Malaysia here.

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