The ancient art of hand block printing and why we need to preserve this craft

During our stay in India we were surrounded by the most amazing textile arts, from weaving to silk painting and everything in between. The technique we really fell in love with was the traditional art of block print. Traditional block print technique   There was a lot of opportunity to participate in courses and workshops all over India, after we had a few under our belt, we were bitten by the bug. We toured block printing studios all over the country during the early stages of Common Texture. Block Print is a technique steeped in history that dates back to...

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Up Close And Personal With Pure Linen

    My favorite Common Texture product is our linen duvet cover, I have had so much fun mixing and matching all the color rich shades together. If you have trouble deciding on a color I recommend trying the reversible duvet cover, this gives you more options and half way through the season you can add a different set of hand block printed linen pillowcases to give it a lift.One of the things I love about our linen is the three dimensional feel of linen on the skin, like it is floating slightly above your body. Flax fibers are different...

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Made with integrity - a fair collaboration with banana fiber weavers in India

Meet Haseena! She’s working on one of our new banana fiber woven tote bag designs. Haseena is part of the women cooperative in South India that help us create our beautiful woven bag collection made from sustainable natural banana fiber. We work directly with the cooperative ensuring that each bag we sell helps improve their livelihood and supports education for them and their children. Find out more about the way we work.  

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Traditional artisan handicrafts from Thailand - Chiang Mai Crafts Fair

crafts thailand

    Last week Common Texture traveled to Thailand to attend the Chiang Mai Crafts Fair. The spectacular weather was a great back drop for all that was on offer in this laid back city. The traditional craft of indigo dyeing First up were these lovely intricate indigo pieces. We captured the typical fabric dyeing technique used here called resist dye in indigo. Popular with women in hill tribe villages in Northern Thailand. This technique is like a fusion of block print discharge dyeing and Batik free hand patterns.The pattern seen in the video will eventually be the white sections...

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Visiting Sarawak and its handicrafts: from beading to weaving and everything in between

Songket weaver. Sarawak, Malaysia.   Common Texture took a whirlwind trip to Sarawak, a Malaysian state located in the northwestern part of Borneo Island. Its population is diverse, comprising of many races and ethnic groups and has more than 40 sub-ethnic groups, each with its own distinct language, culture and lifestyle. You can imagine our joy whilst discovering this handicraft haven. From beading to weaving and everything in between. It was amazing to meet some Kuching locals that are very enthusiastic about keeping these diverse cultural traditions alive for future generations. One group we met had started up a weaving...

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