We go bananas - everthing you need to know about banana fiber

We are so in love with our woven banana fiber bag range! We love the natural look, color, strength and durability that comes with hand weaving a product from a natural fiber.

Another fact we love about the banana plant is that almost all parts of the plant are used. You can eat the fruit of course, but the flower, peel and stem are also edible. In South India the beautiful long leaves of the banana plant are used to serve food on during special celebrations such as weddings.

The fibers from the outer skin of the stem, are made into rope that can be used as a natural thread for handicraft. The case for our cross body sling bag, clutch and tote bag is handwoven with this natural thread.  Our woven tote bag uses 100 meters of hand rolled rope and takes over 3 days of handknitting to complete! Our weavers are part of a small cooperative of women in rural South India. The focus of the cooperative is improving the living conditions for women and rope makers in the village, as well as education for them and their children. The cooperative is entirely sustained by the sales of their products. Read more about our crafts.

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Banana bunch almost ready for harvesting
Long and beautiful banana plant leaves
Close up of a banana plant leaf

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