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Banana fiber bags - why we go bananas

banana fiber crafts india weaving

We go bananas over our woven banana fiber bags! We love the natural look, color, strength and durability that comes with hand weaving a product from a natural fiber. Zero waste banana plant Another fact we love about creating bags with banana fiber is that almost all parts of the plant are being used. Nothing goes to waste! You can eat the fruit of course, but the flower, peel and stem are also edible. In South India the beautiful long leaves of the banana plant are used to serve food on during special celebrations such as weddings. Banana plants grow...

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From Otzi the Iceman to wood earrings - lend me your ear!

earrings india

One morning while threading my favorite pair of Common Texture wood earrings through the tiny hole in my ear I thought how amazing it was that the tradition of hanging jewellery from ones ear spans back over 5000 years, right back to the Egyptians and the uncovered Otzi the iceman, who was found with earrings. It got me thinking about my own ear piercing history.    A little (personal) earring history I remember nagging my parents every year to get my ears perforated and finally at age 14 they relented and Mum took me to the local pharmacy to experience...

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Product With A Story - Common Texture Do Good Yoga Mat Bag

india yoga zero waste

  The idea for our Do Good Yoga Mat Bag originated from the time all Common Texture's co-founders were living in India. You can't live in India without trying out some form of yoga right? So many kinds of yoga classes, so many ashrams, retreats, workshops and master classes to choose from. It was inevitable that one of the Common Texture team would be bitten by the bug. India's textile waste problem The second thing you can't avoid whilst residing in India, is textiles. Besides the regular stores we visited stalls outside of the commercial areas. Some shops were neatly...

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