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From Otzi the Iceman to wood earrings - lend me your ear!

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Common Texture Circular Wood Earrings

One morning while threading my favorite pair of Common Texture wood earrings through the tiny hole in my ear I thought how amazing it was that the tradition of hanging jewellery from ones ear spans back over 5000 years, right back to the Egyptians and the uncovered Otzi the iceman, who was found with earrings. It got me thinking about my own ear piercing history. 


A little (personal) earring history

I remember nagging my parents every year to get my ears perforated and finally at age 14 they relented and Mum took me to the local pharmacy to experience this new invention called an ear piercing gun. In my mind this gun was going to be aimed at my ear from a distance of four meters or so and fired. I was imagining all sorts of terrifying outcomes if my head were to move. Needless to say it was a very simple procedure. 

After Grease the movie came out where Olivia Newton John, aka Sandy's character, was invited to a piercing party in one of the scenes. This usually involved an ice cube to numb, a needle and a chunk of apple to stab the needle into. On the back of that film these piercing parties popped everywhere in my teens. Suddenly it was fashionable to have your ears pierced two, three or even four times giving you multiple options on the jewelry front. 

Many years later when I had children I realized that wearing earrings was not an option for most of their toddler years, as they were usually yanked out or sucked on while holding a baby on the hip. I stopped wearing them for quite a few years, until my time in India and I was reunited with that classic beauty known as a jhumka; many pairs I did collect. As much as I loved them I always found them to be too heavy, getting caught in my hair.


Inspiration and design of our wood earrings

Common Texture Wood Earrings, inspired by the symmetrical designs found in India's ancient forts and palaces
Ornate fret work and symmetrical designs in India's ancient forts and palaces

It was a happy day at the Common Texture office when our dearest Hop brought her wood earring collection to the design table. The most lightweight wood earrings I have ever worn, in beautiful natural tones, with ornate fret work inspired by the Moghul palaces of Jaipur. Finished in laser cut wood, all hanging delicately from sterling silver or gold plated hooks, with five designs to choose from. They are my go-to pairs these days. Every time I wear them I like to think I’m carrying out a 5000 year old tradition, produced with the modern technologies of the 21st Century and inspiration from the 14th Century. The amazing history of earrings.

- Gail

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