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Common Texture Banana Fiber Weaving
Common Texture Woven Tote Bag in production

We go bananas over our woven banana fiber bags! We love the natural look, color, strength and durability that comes with hand weaving a product from a natural fiber.

Zero waste banana plant

Another fact we love about creating bags with banana fiber is that almost all parts of the plant are being used. Nothing goes to waste! You can eat the fruit of course, but the flower, peel and stem are also edible. In South India the beautiful long leaves of the banana plant are used to serve food on during special celebrations such as weddings. Banana plants grow easily, don't require additional water and there therefore a sustainable option compared to other textiles such as cotton. The fibers are completely biodegradable, yet super resistant and durable.

Creating banana fiber

The fibers from the outer skin of the stem are dried and then handrolled into rope that can be used as a natural thread for handicraft. The main part of our banana fiber woven sling bag, banana fiber woven clutch, banana fiber woven tote bag and banana fiber card holder is woven by hand with this natural thread. Our woven tote bag uses 100 meters of hand rolled rope and takes over 3 full days of hand knitting to complete. No machines are used during this process.

Supporting small artisan communities

Our weavers are part of a small cooperative of women in rural South India. The focus of the cooperative is improving the living conditions for women and rope makers in the village, as well as education for them and their children. The cooperative has a small studio but the women are also able to work from the comfort of their home, making it easier for them to get work done with children to take care of. The cooperative is entirely sustained by the sales of their products. Common Texture works directly with the cooperative, we use no middle-men, to make sure all benefits go directly to the cooperative. Read more about Common Texture's crafts and artisans.

Explore our range of handwoven banana fiber bags.


Banana bunch almost ready for harvesting
Banana bunch almost ready for harvesting
Long and beautiful banana plant leaves
Long and beautiful banana plant leaves
Close up of a banana plant leaf
Close up of a banana plant leaf

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